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Drummer Dave Lombardo To Release Art Collection (OFFICIAL)
Unveiled on 11.21.14, drummer Dave Lombardo will be unveiling an art collection. Containing 13 works, the collection is built from the new medium of rhythm-on-canvas. Sign up at www.davelombardoart.com to learn more and see it first.

Dave Lombardo's Art Exhibition at Forgotten Saints in Hollywood (7.11.15)
On July 11, 2015 legendary drummer Dave Lombardo will unveil his art debut collection of rhythm-on-canvas to the public with an in-person symposium on the creation of the work. A free event, those who wish to attend must RSVP at www.davelombardoart.com.

Drummer Dave Lombardo Discusses Making Artwork From Rhythm (OFFICIAL)
In this short video, drummer Dave Lombardo discusses creating a collection of artwork through rhythm. Sign up at www.davelombardoart.com to learn more about the collection, and see it before the November 21, 2014 release.

Dave Lombardo Discusses "Broken Angel" From His New Art Collection
Drummer Dave Lombardo discusses what he sees within his art piece "Broken Angel" in this short documentary. Lombardo has unveiled 12 pieces of artwork built from rhythm. See the collection at www.davelombardoart.com.

Dave Lombardo To Appear and Showcase His Art - July 11th in L.A.
Join drummer Dave Lombardo in Los Angeles at Forgotten Saints on Saturday, July 11, 2015. Dave will be discussing all 12 pieces in his art debut collection Rhythm Mysterium with the public. RSVP at www.davelombardoart.com to attend.

DAVE LOMBARDO @ FORGOTTEN SAINTS, HOLLYWOOD - Shows drum & light demonstration
Thanks to everyone who made Dave Lombardo's art debut at Forgotten Saints a success. Dave's art show will be up for a month. Dave will be announcing a future art show; Art on A Gallery located 24 Avenue A, New York City.

Dave Lombardo to Show & Discuss Art Debut at NYC's Art on A Gallery (OFFICIAL)
Drum legend Dave Lombardo will be making his east coast art gallery debut on August 2, 2015 at Art on A Gallery in NYC (24 Avenue A). This opening reception is open to the public with Lombardo on hand to show and discuss the work from 8-10pm. RSVP to attend - [email protected].