Steve Smith Drummer Art

“I call my collection ‘The Fabric of Rhythm’ because I feel that this art is a view into the inner workings of the motions I use to make rhythms. With drumming, we hear only part of the motions that we make, and because the sticks and hands are generally traveling so fast, we don’t see all the motions being used. We hear the impact of the stick on a drumhead or cymbal, but we don’t hear the motions made in the spaces between the notes. The spaces in-between the notes are as important as the notes that we hear.

With some percussion instruments like shakers or tambourines, we do hear the entire motion and it’s important that the motions are smooth and symmetrical, in order to get a grooving rhythm. To me, this means that the entire motion that you use with a drumstick is important. With the process that we used to make this art, you see both the impacts and the spaces between the notes, it’s as if we are looking into the very fabric of the rhythms.” - Steve Smith

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