SceneFour Art Show

The process of a SceneFour collaboration is one that has been carefully crafted over time. It begins with a creative partnership between musicians and our team. Working together to create the work, there is the objective of building a collection that showcases a new dimension in musicality…a visual one. This creative partnership is always a strong union. As Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers told Rolling Stone, working with SceneFour is similar to his work with the Chili Peppers, “It’s the same thing, where you find the right people that are on the same page as you with a vision.”

Chad Smith SceneFourGallery exhibits for SceneFour’s release are unorthodox from concept to execution to patronage. At times SceneFour has aided gallerists with curatorial duties, like information gathering, lighting placement and art installation, when asked. Our releases and the gallery in-person events take on a different feel, as collaborating musicians attend and participate in extensive question and answer sessions, on-site demonstrations of the creation processes, and even musical performances. CONTINUE READING

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