Joe Satriani SceneFour

Over SceneFourís history, more than 60 original collections of artwork have been unveiled to a collectorship that spans the planet. Our vast registry includes collectors in more than 80 countries. And with an extensive exhibition schedule year round in the United States, SceneFourís catalog of releases is now finding homes at galleries throughout Australia, West Indies, Europe, and Asia.

Throughout our history, weíve created a vast array of artwork with an extraordinary assortment of collaborators. The thematics and conceptual per release varies by the musician and their interest.

Chad Smith SceneFour Austin

Joe Satriani SceneFour Drummers and guitarists often want to work within the Rhythmic Expressionist realm, where by creating artwork through tracking their performance through light. These collections are some of our most successful. SceneFour has been collaborating on fine art with guitarist Joe Satriani for many years. In 2021, the works were brought to galleries across the midwest and east coast of North America. Other artists, like The RZA, Chuck D, and Angelo Moore have focused on political-based subject matters with great acclaim. For example, the Village Voice called SceneFourís collaboration with The RZA ďThe Greatest Painting of 2010.Ē

Attendances at SceneFour exhibition openings result in hundreds and sometimes even thousands of attendees at the event. In 2018, a showing at the Lisa Russell Gallery in Austin, Texas for Chad Smith and SceneFourís work boasted an RSVP roster of more than three thousand. Showings in cities like Naples (FL), Atlantic City (NJ) and San Diego (CA) have all hosted events with receptions featuring more than one-thousand attendees. National gallery tours for many of our artists have also proven to be an extraordinary venture, most notable are exhibitions with Roadshow Company (east coast and southern states) and Wentworth Gallery (the midwest and east coast).