Mario Duplantier Gojira Drummer Art

"Vers le Cosmos" is a collection of artwork built from rhythm by Mario Duplantier. Working with drumsticks that light much like a painter uses brushes with oils, Duplantier crafted rhythms that translate into visuals for canvas. The process is an extensive one that begins with open shutter photography to capture Duplantier's movements. Then, a second phase of creation takes place working with the color channels and light featured in the work to bring out the true abstract nature of the rhythms. More than a year in the creation process, Duplantier worked exclusively with art team SceneFour in Los Angeles to craft the art in the collection.
In total, there are 10 different works, each available in highly limited editions. Each is numbered and individually signed by Mario Duplantier. All canvases ship with Certificates of Authenticity from SceneFour. Duplantier and SceneFour have added a philanthropic element to the release. A portion of the proceeds from the art piece "Acida" will be donated to The Ocean Clean Up, an organization committed to developing technologies to eliminate plastic from the ocean. Learn more about The Ocean Clean Up at TheOceanCleanUp.com.

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