Steve Smith Drummer Art


The title for my second art collection for SceneFour is PATTERNS & CODES. Patterns occur in nature and codes are manmade forms of communication that relay information. Patterns in nature include spirals, waves, symmetries, tessellations and fractals. Manmade codes include written language, mathematical equations and music notation. When I play music, I am involved in using both patterns and codes. Repetitive patterns are often used when playing the drums and my ability to read and write music notation have been key in my ability to perform with other musicians.

When SceneFour and I worked together on my first art collection, The Fabric of Rhythm, I noticed when I played a repetitive sticking pattern, I could create some beautiful images on canvas. I decided to develop that "pattern concept" in my newest collection. During the creative process of performing and

filming for PATTERNS & CODES, I focused on playing certain sticking patterns that incorporated symmetrical motions on my kit. I had a sense that the way the lighted drumsticks were moving through space would result in some striking images.

Ravi Dosaj is my artistic collaborator at SceneFour. He performed extreme color deconstruction on the original images to enhance emotion. Once that process was complete, I added drum notation to a few selected pieces. The reading and writing of drum notation have been part of my creative process as long as I have been making music. Ravi and I worked closely on determining which pieces would be uplifted by adding my notation and which pieces felt complete without notation. The entire process has been a pleasure and unique means of artistic expression.

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