Jose Pasillas

Rhythm of Life is a new collection of 13 works on canvas by Jose Pasillas. Crafted over a 12 month period, the artwork featured in the collection is fusion of Jose's personal photography mixed with the colors and abstract visuals created by capturing rhythm through light movement. Several pieces in the collection also incorporate Jose's pen and ink drawings laid into the visuals before they are put to canvas. The photographs featured in the collection are a mix of images taken on the road by Pasillas during Incubus' 2015 tour. Locations featured include Bangkok, Moscow and Osaka. Also included in the collection are landscape photographs taken near Jose's Southern California home.

Incorporated into this imagery are vivid colors, textures and designs that are made from the medium of rhythm-on-canvas. Like a painter using brushes with oils of different colors, Pasillas worked with drumsticks that light in a variety of ways to build and capture rhythms through open shutter photography. This process results in abstract visuals that are vibrant and rhythmic.

Once combined, the photographs and the rhythmic work produce a unique visual journey for viewers that one can describe as the "Rhythm of Life."

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