Frankie Banali Art

Crafted over a 6 month period, SPIRITS I-VIII showcases a unique visual side to the artistic legacy of Frankie Banali. Working with Sumi inks and Washi paper, Banali has focused an extraordinary amount of time crafting an unprecedented abstract approach that fuses the influences of traditional minimalism, abstract expressionism and Japanese brush stroke techniques into his own signature style.

View CUM ON SEE THE NOIZE, 1st collection
The debut collection from Frankie Banali with SceneFour, Cum on See the Noize features 9 original works focused on bringing Quiet Riot's rhythms to canvas. Much like a painter utilizing oils of different colors, Banali worked with a wide array of drumsticks that light in various ways to craft rhythms that translated to artwork. The results are abstract, vivid and conceptually powerful.

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