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Slipknot's #3 Chris Fehn Talks His Upcoming Art Collection
In this short video, Slipknot's no. 3 Chris Fehn discusses the upcoming release of his art debut collection "Through The Darkness." Unveiled on Friday, June 13, 2014, the collection is comprised of 13 different works on canvas, each highly limited in availability. To learn more and see the collection before the release, sign up at www.chrisfehnart.com.

Chris Fehn, Slipknot no. 3: Through The Darkness (OFFICIAL TRAILER)
Those interested in learning more about the art and seeing the collection before the release are encouraged to join the interest list at www.chrisfehnart.com Slipknot's #3 (Chris Fehn) goes from drum to canvas with a collection of artwork built from rhythm and fused with hidden imagery to uncover with each viewing. The collection, titled Through the Light, is highly limited in availability with each piece numbered and individually signed by Chris Fehn.