SceneFour is a visual art team based in downtown Los Angeles. Led by Artist Ravi Dosaj and Conceptual Artist Cory Danziger, SceneFour specializes in the construction of Collaborative Art projects. Through their signature Collaborative Art approach, SceneFour works with notable visionaries outside of the fine art world to collectively create original art projects. At the conclusion of the creation process with featured collaborative guest, an original art collection is born and released worldwide. Current collections have been exhibited in the Martin Lawrence Galleries (LV), The Annapolis Collection Gallery and Wentworth Gallery (NJ-MD-DC). See EXHIBITIONS

In addition to their collaborative art releases, SceneFour publishes BOOKS AND VINYL focused on their visual art collections.

714 W. Olympic Blvd. #934
Los Angeles, CA 90015

tel: 310.531.3244
office tel: 213.742.9862
SceneFour, Cory Danziger and Ravi Dosaj creators of Rhythmic Expressionism. A new medium of art capturing the rhythmic movements of drummers

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We are proud to work with Wentworth Gallery as they bring Mickey Hart’s artwork to their incredible retail locations throughout the country. SceneFour began creating artwork with Hart in 2012 with the release of Drum Ki, a collection of artwork built from rhythm.

Throughout 2016-2017, Hart and SceneFour are scheduled to showcase not only augmented rhythmic work, but an extraordinary of works that the legendary drummer has created over decades. Mickey’s extraordinary personal works can only be described as Vibrational Expressionism.