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"Rocket Queen: A Visual Study..." by Steven Adler
Steven Adler Guns N Roses Rocket Queen: A Visual Study of Rhythm
Our Price: $500.00


Own "Rocket Queen: A Visual Study of Rhythm" in one payment of $500.00. Measuring 40"x 30" on canvas, there are a total of 50 canvases in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Steven Adler.
"Rocket Queen: A Visual Study of Rhythm" is the second piece to employ the portal effect within the collection. A dynamic visual is combined with a mathematical formula when replicated within the work. The result is a complex spiral of light designed to bring the user into the visual's vortex.
  • Measures 40 x 30
  • Giclee on canvas
  • All numbered and signed by Steven Adler
  • Includes Authenticity Certificate
  • Ships worldwide
  • Edition of 50
  • On the work, Steven Adler states:
    "This is where the queen lives and she's a rocket, inside the portal it just kind of sucks you in."