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2 Payments - "Pursuance" by Page Hamilton
2 Payments  -  "Pursuance" by Page Hamilton

Our Price: $50.00/1 month(s)

2 payments of $50.00

Purchase "Pursuance" by Page Hamilton in 2 payments of $50.00
One of the most important pieces in the collection, "Pursuance" was the first piece of artwork completed in the series and immediately was put on the road with HELMET during the 2015 US Betty Tour. Different than many of the works in the “Out of Body” series, "Pursuance" showcases Hamilton in the process of crafting the work. It is also the only piece in the series released on French archival paper.

Measuring 24”x 20”, there are a total of 75 in the edition of Pursuance. All are numbered and signed by Page Hamilton.

  • Measures 24" by 20"

  • Glicee on on archival paper

  • All numbered and individually signed by Page Hamilton

  • Ships worldwide

  • Edition of 75