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4 payments - "Praying Cherubs" by Mike Mangini
Mike Mangini

Our Price: $75.00/1 month(s)

4 payments of $75.00

Buy "Praying Cherubs" by Mike Mangini in 4 monthly payments of $75. To begin the work, Mangini's hands were raised to the sky with sticks illuminating. What followed was a bombastic performance on floor toms showcasing a distinct and unified shape on either side of the drumkit. The results of these captures were mesmerizing to watch. Quickly, it becomes clear that Mangini's speed and precise attacks were resulting in circular orb-like patterns. Abstract, yes, but telling of the artist's control, as each hand does its part in unison.

Measuring 30"x 30" on canvas, there are a total of 75 in the edition. All are are signed by Mike Mangini.

  • Measures 30" by 30"
  • Giclee on Canvas
  • Edition of 75
  • Numbered and signed by Mike Mangini
  • Ships with Authenticity Certificate