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Mike Mangini on Collecting His Artwork
Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini has unveiled a collection of artwork titled "Symmetry Beyond Planck." In this short video, he discusses his hopes for those that collect the artwork. See Mangini's entire collection today at mikemanginiart.com

Mike Mangini Discusses Drummers Viewing His Artwork
In this short doc, Dream Theater's Mike Mangini discusses how drummers can view his artwork that he's crafted from rhythm. Working with art team SceneFour, Mike Mangini's collection is titled "Symmetry Beyond Planck" and can be viewed at mikemanginiart.com

Mike Trailer for Mike Mangini's Art Debut Collection (OFFICIAL)
On 02.02.17, Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini will unveil a collection of fine art built from rhythm. Utilizing a variety of lit drumsticks and techniques, much like a painter would use brushes with paint, Mangini has crafted this art collection for canvas built from rhythm. The collection titled "Symmetry Beyond Planck" showcases his unique approach to the shapes found in his drumming techniques. In crafting the collection he worked alongside art team/publisher SceneFour.

Mike Mike Mangini Discusses Shapes and Symmetry in His Art Collection
In this short video, Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini discusses how shapes and symmetry are an important component within his playing as well as his upcoming collection of rhythm-on-canvas artwork.