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"Cymbalic Alchemy" by Steve Smith
"Cymbalic Alchemy" by Steve Smith
Our Price: $500.00


"The process of playing with light-sticks and creating art on canvas makes me think of alchemy: the transmutation of common metals into gold. We got some results that were completely unexpected and unexplainable, like this piece “Cymbalic Alchemy.” Upon close examination, I noticed the Zildjian logo in the lower left corner; we are looking at one of my cymbals from underneath. Zildjian does something analogous to alchemy when they take a metal ingot and turn it into a cymbal. The image of a cymbal has been transformed into something mysterious, indescribable, more like peering at a distant galaxy than looking at the bottom of a cymbal: Cymbalic Alchemy."

  • Measures 30” x 40”
  • Only 16 pieces exist
  • Giclee on canvas
  • All numbered and signed by Steve Smith
  • Ships worldwide
  • Authenticity Certificate is included