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"Choreography of Sound" by Steve Smith
"Choreography of Sound" by Steve Smith
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"This piece is based is an “Under/Over” cymbal move. The rhythmic phrase that I played for this piece is the double paradiddle, which I notated. I play the bottom of my right 18” Zildjian crash on the 1st R, the L is played on the snare drum. The 2nd R is played on the top of the right side 18” crash, the LRR is played on my snare drum. Then I reverse the choreography: 1st L comes up to the bottom on the 18” crash on my left, the R on the snare, the 2nd L comes down on the top of the 18” left side 18” crash, the RLL is on the snare. I always knew this lick had an interesting sound and look but with this piece I can actually see the choreography of the motions and sounds that are produced."

  • Measures 60”x 33” on canvas
  • Only 2 pieces exist
  • All numbered and signed by Steve Smith
  • Includes Authenticity Certificate
  • Ships worldwide