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5 Payments: "Here and There" by Dave Weckl
5 Payments: "Here and There" by Dave Weckl

Our Price: $200.00/1 month(s)

5 Payments of $200.00

Here and There
By Dave Weckl, 2014

Own "Here and There" in 5 monthly payments of $200.00.  Two hands at work...two images of the artist at work...two distinct energies coming from each side of the visual.  "Here and There" is one of the most compelling pieces in "The Color of Rhythm" collection, as each hand, and the movement executed, tell a unique visual story.

Measuring 60"x 33" on canvas, there are a total of 10 "Here and There" pieces in existence.  All are numbered and individually signed by Dave Weckl.

• Measures 60" x 33"
• Giclee on canvas
• All numbered and signed by Dave Weckl
• Includes Authenticity Certificate
• Ships worldwide
• Edition of 10