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4 Payments - "Banyan" by Steve Smith "Banyan" by Steve Smith
4 Payments - "Banyan" by Steve Smith

Our Price: $50.00/1 month(s)

4 Payments of $50.00
"Banyan" by Steve Smith
Our Price: $200.00
Purchase "Banyan" by Steve Smith in 4 payments of $50.00


"I have a fascination with Indian rhythms and have been studying and performing Indian rhythms since 2002. This piece brings to mind the structure and shape of the Banyan tree, the national tree of India. The Banyan tree is an epiphyte, which is a plant that grows on another plant. I relate to that concept when it comes to the way I approach Indian rhythms. My rhythmic foundation is that of a U.S. drummer and the Indian rhythms that I use grow from, and are an extension of, my own musical roots."

Measuring 18"x30" on canvas, there are a total of 20 "Banyan" pieces available. All are numbered and signed by Steve Smith and available worldwide.

  • Measures 18x 30 on canvas
  • Only 20 pieces exist
  • All numbered and signed by Steve Smith
  • Includes Authenticity Certificate
  • Ships worldwide