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2 Payments -"Kinetic Dance" by Steve Smith "Kinetic Dance" by Steve Smith
2 Payments -"Kinetic Dance" by Steve Smith

Our Price: $375.00/1 month(s)

2 payments of $375.00
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"This is a very close-up look at my sticks rebounding off the top of a practice pad. When I play, I hold the sticks loosely and use a minimum of effort. As soon as the tip of the stick impacts a surface it immediately rebounds. You can see that very clearly in the image of Ritual Dance. Playing the drums has long been associated with encouraging people to dance. When I play there are many times when I feel like Im involved in dancing myself."

  • Measures 60x 33 on canvas
  • Only 4 pieces exist
  • All numbered and signed by Steve Smith
  • Includes Authenticity Certificate
  • Ships worldwide