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1 Payment - "Sublime Reality" by Frankie "Kash" Waddy
Our Price: $200.00

Own "Sublime Reality" by Frankie "Kash" Waddy in one payment.  Arguably the most unique piece in the collection, Sublime Reality was the result of a 30 second drum performance combined with a profile x-ray graphic of the artist.
-18" x 30"
-Only 10 exist
-Giclee on canvas
-All numbered and signed by Frankie "Kash" Waddy
-Certificate of Authenticity included
-Ships worldwide
Bootsy Collins "Eye-Funk" Canvas - Legacy Edition
Our Price: $400.00

Eye-Funk by Bootsy Collins
The Legacy Edition

   * Only 250 exist
   * 40" x 30" on canvas
   * Each numbered and signed by Collins
   * Funk Mantra added to each by Collins
   * Original acrylic handprints on each by Collins
   * Shipped with Authenticity Certificate